We provide solutions for logistics company for them to track and secure all their cargos and assets wherever they are. We track the locations via GPS and we also have the capability to track the temperature and moisture for perishable goods. All of the information can be acccessed via the Elinnov Dashboard that is secured and can only be accessed by the authorized employee. Another feature that our product have is the ability to lock the container. The lock can only be controlled by authorized personnel and can be remotely controlled anywhere via the Elinnov Dashboard.


Parking Management

Provides the city with a way to monitor public parking and be able to change them.

Asset Tracking

Allows the government or any company to track assets anywhere via GPS.

Water Level Sensor

Provide real-time alerts on the height of the water from the streets to dams.

Traffic Monitoring

Helps making the traffic light smart by providing a way to monitor the volume of traffic.

Weather Sensor

Provides real-time data on weather

Smart Waste Management

Helps monitor the collection of the waster and even helps in optimizing the routes of the truck by detecting the amount of trash to be collected on each location to save fuel cost.


Soil Fertility / Moisture

Helps detects soil fertility and moisture to know when the best time is and which one to plant for better yield.

Energy and Water Conservation

Allows the owner to monitor and manage their energy and water usage by using automation.

Machinery and Asset Management

Allows the owner to track their assets within their farms including trucks and other machines.

Livestock Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Allows the owner of the livestock to track each one of them in real-time.


Structural Integrity

Provides a proactive way to detect any structural defects.

Power Monitoring

Helps in monitoring power consumption.

Water Consumption and Leak Monitoring

Helps in water monitoring and even provide a way to charge each tenant via prepaid system.

Security Sensors

Can be used to detect intruders using motion sensors.

Smoke, Gas and Door Sensors

Detect smoke, gas and even door movement for additional safety and security


Warehouse and Cold Storage Monitoring

Provides real-time warehouse management solutions with an optional temperature monitoring for cold storage.

Environmental Health Sensors

Allows the company to detect unwanted particles or gas in the air and provide real-time alerts.

Retail Analytics

This helps monitor the movement of products within the store and provides analytics that provide store owners insights on which product should be placed where and which products they should buy more.

Fleet Management System

Allows the company to monitor their fleet via GPS.

Industrial Automation

We provide the technology to automate machines.